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Toronto and Montreal Among the Best Cities for 2023

Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, was listed among the best cities for 2023. The city is a loved place for immigrants from all across the world. Become A Canadian reports that the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has a population of nearly 6.8 million people.

According to reports, around half of the city’s population is foreign-born. Toronto is no doubt the welcoming front door for Canada’s new skilled immigrants.

In recent times, Toronto has recorded tremendous immigration, economic growth and global investments. Also, the city is known for its diversity and education. According to the Times Higher Education ratings, the University of Toronto is ranked #21 in the world, Become A Canadian added.

Another Canadian city on the list of best cities for 2023 is Montreal. The Greater Montreal Area population boasts of a bit over 3.7 million. The city is popular for its entrepreneurial attributes. It is also evident that Montreal has a great culture with a number of artists, chefs, and musicians.

Reports highlight the city’s income equality. The city also boasts of a growing tech industry that is a major interest for diverse foreign investment.

Montreal is well known for transforming major streets into hangout locations. The city streets are filled with shopping, art and music. Become A Canadian adds that playful creativity, digital placemaking, etc., are littered on almost all the street corners of the city. 

In addition, Montreal is popular for innovation. Its Université de Montréal is gradually becoming a centre for artificial intelligence. 

The other Canadian cities on the list of the world’s best cities for 2023 are Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa.

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