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Quebec and Ontario Offer Family-Friendly Living in Canada

A recent study highlighted 27 cities across Canada as the best options for people to raise their families in the country. A personal finance and investment website, Yore Oyster, conducted this study.

The cities identified were ranked based on some crucial parameters. These criteria included maternity and parental leave, cost of living, quality of life, etc.

Quebec and Ontario ranked high on this list of best cities for families to live in Canada. Some other cities on the list are Montreal, Victoria, and Charlottetown.

Become A Canadian reported that this new study is a useful guide for you to answer your questions about the perfect place to raise a family in Canada.

Details about the List of Family-Friendly Cities in Canada

Quebec seems to be the best option for family-friendly regions in Canada. Cities in this province ranked high on the list of best cities by Yore Oyster. Trois-Rivières was number one on the list, while Quebec City and Sherbrooke ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Ottawa was rated fourth on the list. This city in Ontario boasts safety, excellent schools and relaxation centers.

Charlottetown is ranked as the fifth-best Canadian city to raise a family. Become A Canadian reported that this city is famous for its history, art and culture.

Big cities like Toronto and Vancouver were on the lower part of the list. These made the list of family-friendly cities in Canada for the mild temperatures and urban convenience.

Canada Boasts of Family-Friendly Cities

Canada is one of the most desirable countries in the world. Many of the cities in the country boast good schools, low crime rates and low housing costs. As a result, there are great places in Canada perfect for raising a family.

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