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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Seeks Skilled Immigrants

Manitoba is seeking skilled workers to migrate to the province from all over the globe. Become A Canadian can ascertain that prospective applicants who have ties to the province will be prioritized over those who don’t have any familial ties.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program matches foreign workers with specific labor needs in Manitoba. This program is a focus of the NDP government to ensure all vacant jobs are occupied for an economic boost to the province.

Labor and Immigration Minister Malaya Marcelino said the program would prioritize applicants with familial ties in the province. Become A Canadian could also confirm that the government has already conducted three provincial nominee draws, selecting only candidates with close family connections to the province.

The government of Manitoba is interested in curbing labor shortages in health care, education, and skilled trades by bringing highly qualified foreign skilled workers. 

According to Become A Canadian, the government has designed the process to grant applicants with familial ties higher scores in the application ranking scale.

Stages of application for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The first stage of the application is for interested newcomers to fill in an Expression of Interest (EOI). Manitoba province periodically selects people from those who filed an EOI and then invites them to apply to the Provincial Nominee Program.

The periodic draws are not random, but determined using a ranking scale. Become A Canadian could confirm that points accrued by applicants are awarded across a range of factors, including job offers and having a close relative in Manitoba. 

While having a job offer is weighted 500 points, having a close relative in Manitoba is weighted 200 points.

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