Fifty-Eight Immigrants Become Canadian Citizens in BC

In March 2023, fifty-eight immigrants became Canadian citizens. Neha Singh was one of the newcomers who took the oath of citizenship via a Zoom ceremony.

The elated Singh explained how the journey to becoming a Canadian citizen had been for her. Her journey began when she moved from India to Sudbury, Ontario, in 2002. Singh left her home country to study at Cambrian College as an international student. Upon graduation, she got a job, went ahead to start a business, and even got married, said Become A Canadian. 

Singh’s delay in becoming a Canadian citizen was primarily due to her dislike for paperwork. Even though she had all the necessary documents to apply for Canadian citizenship, she couldn’t get herself through the process.

Singh got the miracle she needed when she found out that Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada had begun accepting citizenship applications online. With this, she submitted her paperwork online in a few hours. And now, Singh is a proud Canadian citizen.

Immigrants Become Canadian Citizens

The Oath-Taking Ceremony for One of the New Canadian Citizens

Singh described how the 45-minute Canadian citizenship ceremony went. Become A Canadian reported that she was asked to cut up her permanent residency card first. After that, she took the oath of Canadian citizenship with the other 57 people online. The ceremony concluded with the singing of the national anthem.

Having the Canadian citizenship ceremony over Zoom was a good development. The new Canadians were glad, because it helped them avoid waiting for an in-person ceremony.

Primary Reason for Getting Canadian Citizenship

Neya Singh, one of the people who became a Canadian citizen in March, stated her main reason for getting her Canadian citizenship. She said that she did that to get a Canadian passport. With the passport, she will be able to get into about 168 countries with ease.

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