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Young Immigrant from Ukraine Becomes Canadian Entrepreneur

Ostap Khudych is working a summer job this year, just like any other Calgary teenager. But this 16-year-old boy chose a line of work other than what an average teenager goes for. Instead of scooping ice cream or mowing lawns, he decided to work at a local startup.

Khudych works at Freeze N Dried, a company that sells freeze-dried candy and fruit.

Become A Canadian reports that the local startup was co-founded at the start of this year by a 24-year-old Ukrainian immigrant. The co-founder, Viktor Pavlyshyn, relocated from Ukraine to Canada as a pre-teen.

Pavlyshyn makes use of his Ukrainian network when it comes to hiring for his company. He explains that four out of his six staff, Khudych inclusive, arrived in Canada from Ukraine about 15 months ago.

The co-founder adds that having Ukrainian immigrants as his workers creates a great environment at his company. Since he is from Ukraine and understands the language very well, it will enable the staff to have their culture within the venture, says Become A Canadian.

Khudych’s role at the company is in designing and packaging. The youth says the work helped him earn some pocket money. At the same time, it has given him the opportunity to make new friends.

Khudych is glad that he has been able to support his parents, who are still living in Ukraine, with the money he earns. In addition, the money has been useful in helping him make typical teenage purchases like a guitar.

Become A Canadian says that Khudych’s gig has been helpful in sharpening his English skills. Also, it has helped him to be a better communicator with his friends.

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