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Ontario to Offer Job Training to Canadian Newcomers

The Ontario government has announced free job training intervention for new Canadians. According to BecomeACanadian, $2.6 million has been budgeted to train 300 people, including displaced Afghans and Ukrainians.

Monte McNaughton, the labour minister, says, “The Canadian dream is alive and well in Ontario, and we need all hands on deck to build it.”

Become A Canadian could confirm that this training will help beneficiaries of the program to pursue careers in administration, manufacturing, finance, communications, hospitality and the arts.

Businesses in Ontario need help finding skilled workers. However, with job training initiatives, available job roles can be filled by trained individuals.

McNaughton continued -“We are facing a historic labour shortage with 300,000 jobs going unfilled today. The money earmarked by the government will provide practical training and skills necessary to land in-demand jobs.”

“Through the training programs, we are focusing on jobs in finance, healthcare, manufacturing and communications,” he concluded. 

Impacts of similar training programs on immigrants

According to BecomeACanadian, previous training organized by certain organizations, such as Mathew House Ottawa, has greatly impacted new immigrants. 

For instance, Samuel Nkurunziza came to Canada as a refugee from Burundi in January 2019 without any employable skills. 

In his words: “I remember the warm welcome from Mathew House when I first came to Canada. The organization took me under their wings and showed me everything I know now in Canada.

I didn’t even know how to write my resume when I came, but they taught me. Basically, without their training, it would be impossible for me even to get a job in Canada.”

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