Vietnamese Couple Starts Successful Restaurant in Canada

Become A Canadian says most immigrants go on to build a successful life when they relocate to Canada. A typical example is the Vietnamese couple who run a successful restaurant in Freeland.

The couple decided to move to Prince Edward Island to be close to their daughter, who had enrolled at the University of Prince Edward Island. 

According to Become A Canadian, the couple decided not to settle in a big city, but rather chose a small community. And luckily for them, they ended up in Freeland.

Moving to Freeland was an easy choice for Mia Pham and her husband, Mike Do.

“We chose this place because it is very affordable. This community affords us all that we need. We operate our business downstairs, and we live upstairs. It is an exciting thing for us to live in a very nice community,” said Mia.

“We chose this place because it is very affordable. This community affords us all that we need."

Adoption of Vietnamese food in Freeland

Become A Canadian says Freeland is located in the western part of Prince Edward Island with a population of about 600 people. The peaceful community is about 20 minutes outside O’Leary and 10 minutes past Tyne Valley.

Vietnamese food was initially not popular when the restaurant first started serving it. Most people in the neighbourhood would rather go for the usual Canadian meals; they were alien to ingredients like fish or oyster sauce.

But now, after years of opening the restaurant in August 2018, Vietnamese food is a regular part of the menu.

In Mia’s words:

“I think the diet from the Canadians changed because a couple of weeks ago, we did catering, and there were 31 meals, but we served 23 Vietnamese meals. That was not possible two years ago.”

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