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Canadian Immigration Policy for Hong Kong Simplified

Canada is a land of opportunity that seeks the good of all people. According to Become A Canadian, immigration policy for Hong Kong residents has been simplified. 

The immigration policy was changed to accommodate pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong who are being arrested and victimized by Chinese Communist Party sympathizers. 

BecomeACanadian says many of these protesters have fled Hong Kong, with many now living in the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Some unidentified individuals disclosed with CBC News that Chinese Communist Party sympathizers are threatening them.

In their words:


"Hong Kong is no longer the place we used to know. The lifestyle and ease of living we used to know no longer exist. Our freedom of speech and association is impeded."

According to BecomeACanadian, many residents have had to flee Hong Kong since Beijing’s increasing control, and the city has continued to witness a rapid decline in free speech, press freedom and other civic rights guaranteed by the Basic Law. 

The Basic Law is the region’s mini-constitution established under the “one country, two systems” framework based on the Sino-British Joint Declaration signed in 1984.

What is the impact of this policy simplification?

The policy means safety, freedom and a better life for Hong Kong residents living in Canada. 

In the words of Anthony Chan, a Calgary resident who moved to Alberta from Hong Kong in February 2022:

“The policy makes living in Calgary safer for us as a family. My child can be sure of a better future because he will be a Canadian. I can see the future clearly from here.” 

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