Vancouver Organization Helps Thousands of Immigrants

Become A Canadian could confirm that thousands of new immigrants relocate to Canada yearly. Some new immigrants always need help to settle comfortably in their new country because of several factors, including language barriers, cultural differences and many others.

As a result, some organizations have arranged programs to help new immigrants settle in easily. One such organization is S.U.C.C.E.S.S., which is a non-profit organization founded as the United Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society in 1973.

The Vancouver organization recently had its half-century anniversary with many people in attendance. 

According to Become A Canadian, the city mayor was in attendance at the anniversary, praising the impacts of the organization on the new immigrants in the province.

The fundraiser at the 50th anniversary celebration raised about $320,500 for SUCCESS programs. The anniversary ended on a good note with food and a cake-cutting ceremony.

"We started the organization to help build this country."

Numbers of people helped by the Vancouver Organization

SUCCESS helps thousands of immigrants annually. Between April 2021 and March 2022 alone, the organization helped over 73,000 people, including immigrants and senior citizens of the province. 

One of the organization’s co-founders, Maggie Ip, said, “We started the organization to help build this country. When we started in 1973, many immigrants were lost and only depended on friends in Canada to survive.”

“Our programs ensure immigrants get to adapt and adjust well for them to become contributory members of the society. That is why the Chinese refer to the organization as immigrant mutual help.”

Become A Canadian could establish that the SUCCESS organization currently serves tens of thousands of people annually from over 132 countries.

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