Factors That Help Immigrants Living in Canada to Thrive

It takes a lot of strength to immigrate to a new country, integrate and establish a new life there. An expert from Become A Canadian commented that it takes much more to thrive in a foreign land than in your home country.

However, most immigrants living in Canada show great levels of mental strength, courage and resilience, and they happen to thrive in the country. 

For instance, while so many Canadian citizens stated that their mental health became worse due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some immigrants confirmed that their mental health became better post-pandemic.

Two key factors helping immigrants to thrive in Canada

1. Strong community ties

Strong community ties are the number one factor in why immigrants living in Canada thrive. Many immigrants have great, intricate connections with other immigrants. 

With this strong sense of community, immigrants maintain constant communication and in-person contact with their social groups.

In the words of an expert from Become A Canadian:

“Humans are social beings, and we thrive when we constantly interact with people with whom we share the same culture and tradition.”

2. Immigrant paradox

Become A Canadian also discovered that the immigrant paradox is another factor that helps immigrants thrive in Canada. It is a concept that says while someone uprooted and placed entirely in a new environment is expected to struggle, they flourish instead. 

For instance, it is not uncommon to see new immigrants mostly outperform established immigrants economically, and some immigrants outperform non-immigrants.

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